Telugu Association of North America (or TANA, as it is well known) is the oldest and biggest Indo-American organization in North America. TANA was founded at a convention in New York in 1977 of Telugus from all over North America and was incorporated in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization.

Project Overview

TANA is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for its members to engage in various activities such as conducting events, running projects, collecting donations, teaching courses, publishing news and events, and managing volunteers. The organization wanted to build a dynamic website that would automate these processes and make it easier for the members to participate in these activities.


To meet TANA’s requirements, our team proposed building a website using PHP Codeigniter and MySQL Database. Codeigniter is a robust and easy-to-use PHP framework that provides a range of features to help developers build dynamic and scalable websites. MySQL is a widely used open-source database management system that would store all the data related to the members, events, projects, donations, courses, news, and volunteers.


The TANA website had the following features:

  1. Membership Management System – Members can sign up for TANA membership, update their profiles, and renew their memberships.

  2. Event Booking System – Members can view upcoming events, book their participation, and receive email confirmations.

  3. Project Management System – TANA can post details of various projects, track the progress of each project, and update the members about the same.

  4. Donation System – Members can donate to TANA’s various initiatives, view the donation history, and receive receipt for the same.

  5. Courses – TANA can publish details about various courses offered and members can enroll for the courses.

  6. News and Events – TANA can publish the latest news and events, and members can view them on the website.

  7. Volunteer Management System – TANA can manage the volunteers, assign them tasks, and track their progress.

Development Process:

Our team followed the Agile methodology for the development of the TANA website. We started by gathering the requirements and creating a detailed project plan. We then built a prototyped and tested it to make sure that it met the requirements. After this, we developed the website, tested it thoroughly, and deployed it on a live server.


The TANA website was a great success. It not only automated the various processes but also made it easier for the members to participate in TANA’s activities. The members appreciated the ease of use and the functionality of the website. The TANA team was able to save a lot of time and effort as they no longer had to manage the various processes manually.

Result Driven

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The TANA website development project was a great success. Our team was able to deliver a dynamic and scalable website that met all the requirements. The website helped TANA automate its processes, making it easier for the members to participate in the various activities. The website received a positive response from the members, and the TANA team was able to save time and effort as a result of the automation.

Project Details
  • Date: November 25, 2019
  • Client: Non Profit Organization
  • Location: Michigan, USA
  • Category: Development
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